Sponsorship Opportunities

Our live call-in radio program “Divorce–Lisa Zonder Style” in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties is going to be broadcast live on AM 1590 KVTA News Talk Radio. Radio show hosted by professional broadcaster and moderator, Colin Fluxman. Here is how you can jump on the bandwagon as a show sponsor and get a great return on your investment.

Summary of spot costs and rotation:


Call for Pricing  Telephone (805) 777-7740 for full show sponsorship

1.       3 x 60-second spots (live or produced) At the start of the show, and every 20 minutes thereafter.

  1. Pre- and post-show billboards: The billboard would be something along the lines of “This weeks’ edition of (Divorce Talk Radio Ventura and LA’s –“Divorce–Lisa Zonder Style” Show is brought to you by (name of sponsor), (+ 1 sentence describing your business)”

3.      If your expertise is relevant to our show segment, we may, at our discretion, invite you to appear as a guest and speak for a limited time* on the show. More importantly, you will be the exclusive sponsor for the entire show.

Additional production costs**

Click the subscription link below to be redirected to PayPal and sponsor a weekly time slot for only $Call for Pricing/weekly.


Call for Pricing  Telephone (805) 777-7740 for – half-hour sponsor

2 x 60-second ads with billboards as above. “This segment…… Top and bottom of half-hour.

Additional production costs**


Call for Pricing  Telephone (805) 777-7740 for – quarter-hour

1x 60-second ad with billboards. “This segment of Divorce–Lisa Zonder Style……etc)”

Additional production costs**


Call for Pricing  Telephone (805) 777-7740 – single ads

No billboards and live read only

 PLAN E – website featured guest spot

$Call for Pricing-  featured guest spot on the website. Please go to and view the featured guest section.  Just prior to the weekly show when you are set to appear as a guest, you will be featured as “this” week’s guest (may be one or two featured). Thereafter, you will be moved to the Past Speakers Page, for a period of 30 days. You would need to provide a short bio and photo as soon as possible.


*limited time as determined by the Producer and Lisa Zonder depending on programming, caller volume and other factors.

**Additional Production Costs: If Colin Fluxman, producer, is not reading live, you have the option of having Colin produce an ad for you. Cost is $100 paid to Colin Fluxman via payment by check. Live read of ad is no additional cost. For a fully-produced, recorded  60 x second spot, payable to Colin Fluxman, (after you approve the ad, Colin will email in mp3 format).

The sponsor must provide copy not to exceed 180 words, which may include telephone number, email address and/or website details. Copy to be emailed to Colin Fluxman at least 10 days prior to broadcast at

There are limited slots.  The full sponsor at the $Call for Pricing level has priority. If there is no single sponsor for the entire show, we may have quarter hour or single ad slots available during any given episode. We expect them to fill up quickly.

You should act now to secure your slot. There is no long term commitment.

The secure Paypal link below is for your convenience and allow you to pay by credit card.  If you prefer the direct approach, whether payment by check or cash, no problem.  Just contact us with any questions, or to prepay your sponsorship with your preferred payment method.

_________________________________________________________________________________________Note:  This radio programming is not intended to encourage anyone to seek a divorce. The producers assume that callers are seeking basic information.

The radio program is intended to be an infotainment format and does not constitute legal advice. Anyone with legal, mental health, financial or other professional questions is directed to retain a competent professional after carefully interviewing qualified professionals.

A guest appearance by a particular panelist does not constitute a specific recommendation by the producers as to the expertise of that professional nor does that panelist’s views necessarily reflect the views of the producer.

We reserve the right to decline sponsorship if any prospective vendor is not a fit for our programming.